The Fletcher Record


Conservative Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher ran for Mayor in 2012. Two weeks after he failed to get the Republican Party endorsement, he quit the GOP.

He then went on record and said...

There’s not one position of mine that’s changed.  There’s not one principle that’s changed. The only thing that’s changed is the party label.
— Democrat Nathan Fletcher (formerly Republican Nathan Fletcher)

Less than five years later, the San Diego County Democratic Party moved up their endorsement process in order to endorse Fletcher. When actual progressive Democratic candidates complained, here’s what he had to say…

Anyone can see their complaints for what they are – sour grapes after failing to win Democratic Party support
— Nathan Fletcher

Then he attacked the other candidates, calling them...

flailing candidates who don’t have Democratic support are now trying to reverse the result of a fair, thorough and transparent endorsement process they all took part in.
— Nathan Fletcher

Who are these "flailing" candidates?

Lori Saldaña

Former Assemblywoman

Ken Marlborough

Former Deputy Fire Chief

And at some point, being part of a team means you have to care more about the team than your individual ambitions. If this Party [Republican] chooses to endorse, I’d be honored to be your endorsed candidate. If you choose not to endorse, I’ll be honored to join our team [Republicans] either as a member or as a nominee for Mayor after the primary as we defeat Bob Filner and we get our city back on track.
— Nathan Fletcher, 17 days before he quit the Republican Party